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At DRYOUTpro Plus, we provide top flight water, fire, and mold restoration services. Any one of these disasters can cause significant and serious damage to any home or business, and the cleanup process is almost always beyond the abilities of the average property owner. You need the service of a qualified professional to handle the water or fire damage to your property. You need the professionals at DRYOUTpro Plus.

Water Damage

With 98% of all homes and businesses predicted to suffer from water damage at some point, it really does become a matter of when, not if, you will have to deal with this problem. With that in mind, you should know who you are going to call to work on your home, remove the water, and dry everything out.

The high probability is easy to explain, since water damage can occur for a number of reasons. The most obvious is flooding, which can be triggered by severe weather and rainfall, or through interior problems such as burst pipes which can send hundreds of gallons of water into the home in a matter of minutes. As little as an inch of standing water is more than enough to run up a major repair bill. Most water damage problems, however, come from small leaks that go undiscovered for long periods of time. Standing water continues to cause damage for as long as it is allowed to remain standing, eating away at wood, rusting metal supports, ruining carpets and rugs, and posing a serious threat to your home’s electrical system. Even higher than normal humidity levels can result in water damage problems. When you consider the number of course from which water damage may spring, the need for high quality restoration services becomes obvious.

Fire Damage

Few things concern property owners quite like the thought of an unexpected fire. That threat is why we turn around and go home to make sure the iron or oven is turned off before leaving for an extended vacation. Fire can roar through a property and cause tremendous damage, and if not caught quickly can easily render a home beyond repair. Fire scorches everything it touches, from walls, flooring, furniture, ceilings, and the damage from smoke and soot can be seen and felt even in areas far removed from the initial blaze.

Once fires have been extinguished, there is still the threat of injury, since surfaces remain hot to the touch, electrical systems may have been damaged, and smoldering embers may create dangerous toxic fumes that can cause serious discomfort if inhaled. Fire damages almost always overlaps with water damage, since large amounts of water and foam are pumped into the home to serve as an extinguishing agent. Soot and ash combined with water and foam make for a very messy situation, one that will require specialized attention to clean up properly. This means that even fire damage may successfully pave the way for other problems such as mold.

Mold Damage

If you think water damage is bad, try letting it sit for a few days and see how much worse it can get. Water sets the stage for mold, and once mold has set in, it will be extremely difficult to fully get rid of. Mold grows anywhere there is enough nutrition to sustain it, and water is exactly the sort of nutrition it needs. It doesn’t even take a lot, and mold can grow even in areas with nothing more than high humidity levels.

Most molds are simply annoying, since they grow for as long as they have sustenance, and may produce an acrid smell. A few molds, however, can be actively dangerous to your health, with long term exposure resulting in skin irritations and allergic reactions, and even more serious problems like neurological and respiratory disorders.

Proper mold remediation requires a bit more than just removing the growth. The affected area must also be properly treated in order to prevent the mold from returning. This includes cleaning, drying disinfecting, and sanitizing the entire location where the mold was found, and then improving ventilation and reducing humidity levels to make the environment inhospitable to mold growth. Due to the delicate nature of mold and its propensity for spreading at the slightest touch, professional treatment is always recommended.

When you call DRYOUTpro Plus, you can rest assured of a quality job done right the first time. We are the industry leader in all things related to water, fire, and mold damage, and we provide a complete range of services designed to remediate the problem and restore your home or business to its former beauty. Water and fire damage can be overwhelming and traumatizing, and it is of the utmost importance to address it as soon as possible in order to avoid more serious and long term problems. Our team of trained and certified professionals bring more than 20 years of restoration experience to bear on your unique needs, remediating the problem and returning you to your normal routine as rapidly as possible. Throw in the finest customer service that can be had coupled with a comprehensive guarantee and you have the standard bearer for the restoration industry. Call 1-855-379-6888 today for a free, no obligation estimate.

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