What Should I Do When I First Experience Water Damage?

Severe storms are common in Stuart and surrounding areas, and bad storms in this area of Florida can often result in home floods. However, these are not the only events that can cause water damage to your home. For example, a leaking pipe or a broken appliance, such as a refrigerator, may cause water to flow uncontrolled throughout the home. Some water issues are minor, and the homeowner can easily repair the damage without incident. However, many water issues result in thousands of dollars in damage for a homeowner to deal with. More than that, when the damage is not repaired promptly by skilled experts, property value can plummet, and the home may be at an increased risk for developing a mold problem. When your home has water damage Stuart FL, we are the company to call for assistance.

Before You Call Us

While it is critical that you schedule water cleanup and restoration services immediately for the best results in your home, there are a few important steps to take before you call us. First, identify the source of the water issue, and take steps to halt the flow of water. For example, if water is coming into the home during a storm from a roof leak, place a bucket under the leak to capture water. If your pipe has ruptured, turn off the water supply valve. Second, call a repair professional to deal with the source of the damage, such as an appliance repair technician, a plumber or a roofer. This repair work needs to be completed before or in conjunction with the water clean-up efforts.

What We Can Do to Restore Your Home

These initial steps typically only take a few minutes to complete, and your next step should be to call us for water restoration work. Water damage can set in quickly, so immediate water extraction will yield the best results possible. The restoration team will begin cleanup for water damage Stuart FL immediately by extracting the water and by dehumidifying the home. Then, the restoration work can begin. In some cases, cleaning carpeting and deodorizing the home are all that is needed to restore the home. In other cases, drywall may need to be patched. Wood flooring and cabinetry may need to be replaced. The team will not stop working until the home is fully restored to its previous condition.

DRYOUTpro Plus Is the Company to Call

When you need help with a water damage issue in your home, you have several companies that you could call for assistance. However, we strongly believe that we are your best choice for a number of reasons. Because timing is critical when dealing with a water event in your home, you need a company that offers emergency service at all hours of the day and night. This company should respond quickly and should arrive with all equipment needed so that they are ready to get right to work. You can expect this from our company. More than that, we also go to great lengths to use quality materials and superior craftsmanship when restoring your home. We are focused on improving property condition and maintaining property value during a devastating event.

Water is the essence of life, but it nonetheless can be one of the most damaging forces in a home when it is not properly contained. If you have discovered water in your home and need immediate results, we are the company to call. Our trained technicians are ready to get started working for you today. Call our office to learn more about how we can help and to request assistance from our team.

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